Conservation Voices

Kerry Beheler

Kerry worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Wildlife Health Specialist from 9/91 to 9/2004.In that role, she was responsible for investigating and evaluating diseases of Wisconsin wildlife. Kerry has been involved…
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Margie Van Cleve

Margie Van Cleve is a resident of Yakima, Washington and is active in environmental and wildlife conservation through leadership roles with organizations including the Sierra Club.

Matt Sarver

Matt is the founder and owner of Sarver Ecological, LLC. Sarver Ecological, LLC. offers planning services to a variety of clients, including agencies, landscape architects, developers, and non-profit organizations. Matt is experienced in site assessment…
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Amy Werland

Amy lives and works in Springfield, MO and is involved with numerous wildlife, environmental, and animal welfare organizations. She grew up on a farm in Southwest Missouri and attended Southwest Baptist University. She is married…
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Daryl Dejoy

Daryl is the Owner and an NABCEP Certified Designer and Installer at Penobscot Solar Design. Penobscot Solar Design has been installing quality solar photovoltaic (electric) systems in Maine and throughout New England since 1988. They…
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Ashley Kennedy

Ashley Kennedy is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Delaware in the Department of Etymology and Wildlife Ecology. She works in the lab, investigating birds’ insect prey preferences (i.e., trying to figure out which…
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Johnny Le Coq

With his current responsibilities as the CEO of Fishpond, Le Coq is using the brand strength to help open doors into the sphere of habitat protection. He serves on the Corporate Council of the Teddy…
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Laura Zitske

Laura is a Wildlife Ecologist and the Director of the Piping Plover and Least Tern Project for Maine Audubon Society. Prior to her current job, Laura was the Community Outreach Coordinator at Project Canopy. Project…
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Marci DeSart

Marci has worked on numerous environmental projects and initiatives, she has significantly magnified their impact through successful marketing, public relations and social media campaigns. Creative thinking, fostering partnerships, and leveraging resources come naturally to Marci….
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Ray McCormack

Ray McCormick is a 4th generation farmer, and a lifelong passion for conservation has made caring for our nations resources and inspiring others to do the same his life’s work. He farms with his son…
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