Other American Voices

Janice Walrafen

Janice is an artist and teacher in Plainfield, Vermont. Janice resides along the Winooski River in Plainfield Vermont She grew up in the Senoran desert of Arizona with her artist/potter mother and two sisters. She…
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Nisa Montie

Nisa is a business owner and children’s educator. “Pesticides are a poisonous substance that have been shown to cause cancer, other diseases, and allergies. They destroy all life on the planet. Let us come together…
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Beth Jacobs

Beth is a creative movement and dance teacher from New York that teaches in various centers, elementary schools; community centers ‘outreach programs and of course dance studios. Beth often drives through rural areas and has…
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Christina Ventura-Dispersia

Christina Ventura-Dispersia is a 28 year old married adjunct professor in public health and a graduate research assistant at the City University of New York. Additionally, she is a 3rd year Doctor of Public Health…
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Doug Bland

Doug has been Pastor at the Tempe Community Christian Church in Tempe, Arizona and has served as adjunct faculty at South Mountain Community College for thirteen years. He’s taught “The Art of Storytelling”, “Telling Sacred…
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Ethan Sloan

On the surface Ethan Sloan is a typical nine-year-old from Euguene, Oregon. But if you start up a conversation with him you’ll learn otherwise. He’ll likely tell you about his garden where he has praying…
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Maggie Howell

Maggie Howell is the Managing Director of the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York.

Dan Vermillion

Dan Vermillion has fished all over the world from Brazil to Russia but he is always glad to come home to Montana where he grew up and now has his own family. Dan loves fishing…
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Art Handy

Art Handy is from Cranston, Rhode Island. He ran and won his seat in the House of Representatives in 2002 in a three-way primary and a three-way general election. He owed this win both to…
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Irene Martin

Irene Martin is a commercial salmon fisherman, board member, Salmon for All, and a pastor.