Science & Health

Kerry Beheler

Kerry worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Wildlife Health Specialist from 9/91 to 9/2004.In that role, she was responsible for investigating and evaluating diseases of Wisconsin wildlife. Kerry has been involved…
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Ashley Kennedy

Ashley Kennedy is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Delaware in the Department of Etymology and Wildlife Ecology. She works in the lab, investigating birds’ insect prey preferences (i.e., trying to figure out which…
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Fred Ramsey

The life of a statistician can be more interesting than you might first think. Take Dr. Fred Ramsey, a Statistical Ecologist, who has performed wildlife surveys all over the world. He’s worked in Madagascar, the…
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Krista Beasly

Krista Beasly is a White Mountain Apache Wolf Biologist.

Marija Minic

Marija Minic is a Biologist from California “I am a biologist working in the Mojave Desert of the western United States. In my job, our main species of concern that we are trying to protect…
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Jeanne Lyford Lambert

Jeanne graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She specialized in critical care nursing and worked in Maine, Virginia, and Florida before devoting her time to raising her…
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Charen Fegard

Charen Fegard is a Recycling and Toxics Educator and single mom in Vermont After leaving an RN program and earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Charen Fegard worked in the Civil Service in Haz-Mat Environmental…
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Mitchell Ritter

Mitchell Ritter is a psychologist from New York. “Due to my regulatory background and scientific background in respiratory health, my basic concern is the lack of serious testing of pesticides and their potential consequences on…
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Jay Albrecht

Jay Albrecht is a psychologist from New York. “Pesticides are on everything I eat and it is important to me that this regulation maintains intact because the foods I already eat, especially fruit, are covered…
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Christina Ventura-Dispersia

Christina Ventura-Dispersia is a 28 year old married adjunct professor in public health and a graduate research assistant at the City University of New York. Additionally, she is a 3rd year Doctor of Public Health…
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