Other Business Voices

Annette Pershern

Annette Pershern, along with her husband Dick and their two daughters, Lauren and Meghan, own and manage River Bend Farm, a 50-acre stretch of land located along the Coast Fork of the Willamette River. It…
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Dick Pool

Dick Pool, owner of San Francisco-based Pro-Troll Products, a company that creates and markets innovative fishing and marine products, is a strong advocate of fisheries restoration and makes every effort to support those organizations that…
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Paul Shannon

Paul Shannon is a sportsman and beekeeper from Florida “I have a problem with the farmers using pesticides in their groves, orchards, fields, etc. Many over-fertilize, then rainstorms come and wash the chemicals into our…
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Ernest Muhly

Ernest is a beekeeper and biointensive heirloom gardener from Maryland and has been educating people about the hazards of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for over twenty-five year to little avail. “Part of the problem I…
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Gary Stinson

Mr. Stinson is dedicated conservationist, a hunter and an avid fisherman who supports the North American Model of Wildlife Management. He is an active participant in sporting groups and conservation and environmental associations and has…
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Sandra Heater

Sandra Heater is a developer and small business owner in Tucson, Arizona who is passionate about protecting wildlife and biodiversity. She was raised in the Midwest and thirty years ago she and her family relocated…
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Christian Wohfeil

Christian Wohfeil is the owner of Holland Lakes Lodge in Condon, Montana.

Matt Ramsey

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Matt Ramsey spent many of his free hours tromping through the woods to get to his favorite fishing holes. At the age of 18, he became a fly fishing guide….
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Jim Martin

Jim Martin is a scientist and a sportfisherman from Mulino, Oregon. He’s a former Chief of Fisheries for the State of Oregon; currently serves as the Conservation Director for Berkley Conservation Institute.

Sara Patton

Sara Patton is the Executive Director of the Northwest Energy Coalition.