Small Business

Gary Stinson

Mr. Stinson is dedicated conservationist, a hunter and an avid fisherman who supports the North American Model of Wildlife Management. He is an active participant in sporting groups and conservation and environmental associations and has…
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Sandra Heater

Sandra Heater is a developer and small business owner in Tucson, Arizona who is passionate about protecting wildlife and biodiversity. She was raised in the Midwest and thirty years ago she and her family relocated…
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Christian Wohfeil

Christian Wohfeil is the owner of Holland Lakes Lodge in Condon, Montana.

Ken Sinay

Ken Sinay is the owner of Yellowstone Safari Company in Bozeman, Montana.

Dan Vermillion

Dan Vermillion has fished all over the world from Brazil to Russia but he is always glad to come home to Montana where he grew up and now has his own family. Dan loves fishing…
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John and Christine Deck

John and Christine Deck recognized their shared dream of ranching when they met in the animal science “Beef Barn” at University of California Davis.  After finishing their undergraduate degrees at Davis, they went on to…
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Matt Ramsey

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Matt Ramsey spent many of his free hours tromping through the woods to get to his favorite fishing holes. At the age of 18, he became a fly fishing guide….
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Jim Martin

Jim Martin is a scientist and a sportfisherman from Mulino, Oregon. He’s a former Chief of Fisheries for the State of Oregon; currently serves as the Conservation Director for Berkley Conservation Institute.

Sara Patton

Sara Patton is the Executive Director of the Northwest Energy Coalition.

Liz Hamilton

Liz Hamilton is the Executive Director of the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association.