Educators & Students



Charen Fegard


“Chemicals not only accumulate in our bodies and wreak havoc; they wipe out the natural predators of pests, they poison waters, fish, birds, other mammals, reptiles, amphibians” Charen Fegard is a Recycling and Toxics Educator and single mom in Vermont.




Nisa Monte



“Let us come together to use organic methods to honor all of creation and to create a healthy earth for our next growing generation. The endangered species act can help us do that.” Nisa Montie is a business owner and children’s educator.






Ann Priapi


“My students react with astonishment when I teach about the effects of DDT or the disposal problem presented by plastics.” Ann Priapi is a Middle School Teacher from New York





Beth Jacobs


Beth Jacobs supports the Endangered Species Act ability to regulate pesticides as endangered wildlife provide important early signs of pesticide contamination in our environment. Beth is a creative movement and dance teacher in various centers, elementary schools; community centers ‘outreach programs and of course dance studios.






Christina Ventura Dispersia


“Without the Endangered Species Act and its protections against pesticide misuse, my children and grandchildren will liken wolves and whales to unicorns and dragons – only creatures of fantasy.” Christina Ventura-Dispersia is a 28 year old married adjunct professor in public health and a graduate research assistant at the City University of New York.




Greg Mikkelson



“Since artificial pesticides threaten many kinds of wildlife, such protection requires that we eliminate most such chemicals.” Greg Mikkelson is an Associate Professor from Vermont.





Janice Walrafen


“The Endangered Species Act is critically important to the survival of biological diversity and healthy ecosystems” Janice is an artist and teacher in Plainfield, Vermont.




“Stag beetles are cool. We need to protect them.”Ethan Sloan, student. Eugene Oregon