Trey Carskadon


“They’re (salmon) an icon of the Northwest…it’s so indelibly a part of the fabric of this region and we’re losing it.” Trey Carskadon, recreational fisherman [Video]



Tom Stuart



“The ecological importance of salmon really can’t be overstated here.” Tom Stuart, fisherman and businessman from Stanley, Idaho [Video]




Phil Jensen


“Our small company and this industry is based upon the salmon here in the Columbia River”Phil Jensen, President & Owner of Luhr jensen and Sons Fishing Tackle Manufacturer in Hood River, OR [Video]



Matt Ramsey


“As I float down Oregon’s rivers, I see first hand the impact of landowners who protect our rivers and those who disregard their responsibility as stewards.” Matt Ramsey, Fly Fishing Guide in Corvalis, OR



Jim Martin


“We help translate the policy issues in Washington, D.C., around the country, and around the world, into action items that the average fisherman can let their elected officials know what they care about.”Jim Martin is a scientist and a former Chief of Fisheries for the State of Oregon. He currently serves as the Conservation Director for Berkley Conservation Institute. [Video]