Mr. Stinson is dedicated conservationist, a hunter and an avid fisherman who supports the North American Model of Wildlife Management. He is an active participant in sporting groups and conservation and environmental associations and has actively lobbied both locally and nationally on issues involving wildlife, land use, and mining. He is actively engaged in fund raising and grant management for habitat and hunter/angler recruitment and has participated in restoration efforts on the part of the Endangered Gila Chub and Apache trout. Like all conservationists in this very changed modern world, he is concerned with species survival of both endangered and threatened species and what needs to be done to assure survival of all of them, endangered or otherwise. Mr. Stinson’s background is in business both as owner of small businesses and as a past employee in international companies. In his career he has worked and traveled to several foreign countries. He has been previously engaged as a seminar leader and lecturer for business issues here in the U.S and in Europe.