Jim Kerr is a fishing guide from the Olympic Peninsula

It's 4:30 a.m., and I can hear a barred owl calling. I am waiting for my clients 
to arrive for a day of fishing on the Olympic Peninsula. Today they are coming 
from Seattle, but others come from all over the world - Japan, Norway, the U.K.- 
to marvel at the breath taking environment we have here. 
Perhaps we take it for granted. This wild place I live in brings my 
community wealth, and visitors from around the country peace and comfort. 
It asks nothing in return. All we have to do is not wreck it. Get out of its 
way, and let it grow tree's, fish and elk and the world will come to 
experience it. 
Where will we go if people do not step in to help save this place?  Where will 
we take our families?  Good management is sensible, cheap, and yields endless 
returns.  A little investment now, a little maintenance along the way, and we 
have healthy beautiful renewable resources for generations.

My guests are here and its time for me to go to the river. I will keep going 
as long as the fish are allowed to return . It's really entirely up to us.
Jim Kerr