Matt Ramsey

Growing up in Corvallis, Oregon, Matt Ramsey spent many of his free hours tromping through the woods to get to his favorite fishing holes.

At the age of 18, he became a fly fishing guide. At 42 he still hasn’t seen any reason to change careers.

Matt works and fishes on many waters, including Wild and Scenic Rivers and even under highways in city centers.

Matt sees our rivers as resilient. “When left to do their thing, our rivers thrive,” he says. “Unfortunately, we humans can have lasting effects on the health of these systems. When I’m on the river, I see firsthand the impacts of those landowners who protect our rivers and those who disregard their responsibility as stewards.”

One time Matt had to move his clients from a fishing spot to avoid drifting pesticides. His first thought was for the safety of the clients. Later he began to wonder what harm was caused to the river, its fish, and its riparian habitat. That event helped form Matt’s view about the need for protecting wildlife and their habitats. “I rely on government protections to protect our rivers from those who fail to be good stewards. The Endangered Species Act provides a direct and tangible benefit to my work and to my health.”