Other Business Voices

Christian Wohfeil

“Wildlife’s really important. The environment around the lodge is extremely important” Christian Wohlfiel owns Holland Lake Lodge in Condon, MT [Video].



Ernest Muhly


“Part of the problem I feel is humankind does not view itself as a part of nature, and that defines our ecological consciousness.” Ernest Muhly is a beekeeper and biointensive heirloom gardener.



Paul Shannon


“Bees account for 80% of pollination. We need more stringent regulation to address these problems.” Paul Shannon is a sportsman and beekeeper from Florida.


Sara Patton


“You have to make changes when salmon are threatened with extinction”Sara Patton is the Executive Director of the NW Energy Coalition [Video]



Sandra Heater

Sandra Heater is a developer and small business owner in Tucson, Arizona who is passionate about protecting wildlife and biodiversity.[Video].