Paul Shannon is a sportsman and beekeeper from Florida

“I have a problem with the farmers using pesticides in their groves, orchards, fields, etc. Many over-fertilize, then rainstorms come and wash the chemicals into our water systems. Unfortunately, here in SW Florida, this means the pesticides roll off into our rivers, which feed into our gulfs and bays. This causes the disastrous red tide, which kills fish and other aquatic species and negatively affects our health, fishing and tourism. I am also a beekeeper. From an organic perspective, we now have seed manufacturing, which are great for farmers because they kill weeds. However, these seeds contribute in the shortage in the bee population because bees feed off the engineered crops, ingest round up, and die. Mosquito control also heavily impact the decline of the bee population. Bees account for 80% of pollination. We need more stringent regulation to address these problems.”